cbcnv taxi tải saigon expressSkill:

  • All drivers of Saigon Express, who are carefully recruited, are the drivers with many years of experience. They can drive for a long distance with good problem-solving skill on rough terrain such as zigzag mountain road, narrow, slippery or rough road, etc.
  • Our drivers can know thoroughly the roads within and outside the city. They always choose the most convenient route for customers.
  • Moreover, drivers of Saigon Express have good problem-solving skill to cope with unexpected problems such as flat tire, breakdown, etc. in order to ensure the rate of progress.

tổ tài xế

Working manners:

  • Always ensure customers’ demand in terms of time: to be punctually present as well as deliver goods to new location on time stated in the contract.
  • As the people who take the wheel and customers’ important stuff or goods, drivers of Saigon Express put the safety to the front. They have a thorough knowledge of law on road traffic and always comply with it.
  • Be responsible for keeping their vehicles in good condition, performing periodical maintenance, and registering the vehicles in accordance with the law.
  • Be friendly, enthusiastic, ready to support customers for the smoothest process.