As an organization of immensely passionate and enthusiastic people, Saigon Express company has been turning towards the mission to create “optimal transport solutions”, offer major benefits to customers, as well as promote the development of transportation in particular and of our society in general.

➡ For customers: As a transport company, Saigon Express has a profound understanding that our no.1 mission is to become a reliable companion, “an efficient arm” helping customers with exhausting and difficult transporting work. We undertake to offer customers the transport services under these criteria: best quality, most prestigious and reasonable prices.

➡ For partners: Saigon Express provides our partners with lots of interesting preferential policies in order to maximize the benefits for both parties, and at the same time support them whole-heartedly for sustainable co-development.

➡ For staff: Saigon Express has set up a professional and humane working environment with appropriate remuneration policy so as to greatly facilitate its staff to be creative, promote their abilities, intensify their skills, hereby to get their physical and mental lives guaranteed.

➡ For our society: The staff of Saigon Express have uninterruptedly studied and attempted to launch prestigious transport services with high quality and fair prices, motivating the development of transportation and our society as well.

➡ For the community: Our social responsibilities are manifested through humane activities, which are to care for, share and solve problem of the community.

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During the development, our motto is to regard customers as the main point, human as the core, technology as springboard, and service quality as the guideline. That’s exactly why Saigon Express can gain the present position.

But matters did not stop there. With the sustainable business strategy and strong desire to be pioneers, Saigon Express aims its efforts at becoming the nationwide leading transport solution supplier in the next 10 years.

Thereby, Saigon Express has been continuously enhancing staff’s skill, improving its services, equipping modern machinery to promptly satisfy transport needs of customers anytime and anywhere. The current development path of Saigon Express always turns to customers’ benefit. Therefore, priority is given to quality and price. Saigon Express undertakes to offer customers lots of services with the best quality and price on the market.

With the heart of the management committee and the devotion of enthusiastic and skilful staff, Saigon Express has made uninterrupted effort to extend its business throughout the country where transport services are needed. In the future, the company is aiming at reaching regional markets, creating a sustainable and prestigious brand not only at home but abroad.