During office removal, your company doesn’t only need to ensure your company can be operated as smoothly as usual, but finish your re-installment as soon as possible to back to your work. Furthermore, there are also many other concerns during the office removal.

Understanding this, Saigon Express has designed the fastest, safest and cheapest all-in office removal. We commit to bring you reliable services, helping your business go smoothly with the lowest cost.

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Through many years of experience in cost-saving all-in office removal service, Saigon Express is proud of being the leading service provider in HCM city and other neighboring provinces. The thorough understanding of your difficulties is our very motivation to come up with perfect transport solutions. With Saigon Express, you’re fully assured to entrust your office removal to us and target your effort at more important business.

  • To survey, quote, and set up removal project closely following your daily business.
  • To carefully disassemble, classify and pack all your stuff and devices, including important documents that is requisitely kept confidential.
  • To remove and load on trucks with modern equipment by our experienced workers
  • To strictly supervise the removal project
  • To transport and precisely install the system of electronic and refrigeration electric devices, as well as complicated furniture.
  • To remove offices in all districts in HCM city and other neighboring provinces.
  • Saigon Express owns a set of modern trucks with different load, meeting all your requirements on office removal.

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1. To help your new office come into operation at the fastest

  • Saigon Express guarantees a fast and professional procedure in all phases from receiving customers’ information, surveying to quoting.
  • The transport project is always planned in detail, remarkably consistent with your daily business to ensure your operation at new location conformable to the proposed time.
  • Saigon Express has a group of staff with extensive professional knowledge on electricity, electronic, refrigeration electricity, IT, mechanics, aluminum, glass, carpentry, etc. and modern transport equipment to facilitate the process of disassembling, classifying, packing, transporting and installing.

2. To guarantee the safety of your assets at the highest level

  • All your documents shall be cautiously categorized and packed with high quality specialized materials.
  • All electronic devices and furniture shall be covered in many layers with stretch film, air bubble, mattress, wooden box, etc. and carefully transported with specialized vehicles such as crane truck, truck with elevator, or escalating trolley
  • Our staff has vast experience on removing, transporting, and installing heavy and complicated devices such as safe, dynamo, computer system, etc. on rough terrain.

3. To make considerable savings for customers

  • Saigon Express undertakes that our all-in office removal service has the lowest price on the market, which can help in considerably saving your budget
  • Our specialists always conduct a careful survey of your stuff and devices, then seize the terrain before setting up the project, as well as the necessary number of workers and equipment for the best saving.

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The hotlines of Saigon Express are 24/7 ready to receive all your requirements on our prestigious and economical all-in office removal within HCM city and other neighboring provinces. Immediately contact us at 0901 83 80 88 – (028) 3771 7676 for more consultancy on the best office removal service in HCM city.